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SAISD Board approves new graduation plan

SAISD Board approves new graduation plan

At the March 17 Board meeting, SAISD Trustees approved designating the new Distinguished Level of Achievement graduation plan as the recommended option for the class of 2018.

The graduation plan is part of the new Foundation High School Program passed as part of House Bill 5. The State Board of Education approved final graduation requirements in January. All SAISD 8th-grade students entering the 9th grade in 2014-15 will be enrolled in the Distinguished Level of Achievement plan, which includes Algebra II as one of the graduation requirements.

Community meetings
are being held at all middle schools this month to explain the new graduation plan to parents of 8th graders. Additionally, counselors will meet with incoming freshmen and their parents in August to discuss requirements of the new plan and map out a personal graduation plan.

In addition to serving as a strong college-readiness indicator and putting our students in an advantageous position for college admission and scholarships, the Distinguished Level of Achievement plan also will give students the opportunity to be eligible to graduate in the Top 10 percent of their class, granted they meet other requirements. Texas students who graduate in the top 10 percent are eligible for automatic admission to a state-funded university.

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