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Deputy Superintendent for Academics and School Leadership

Superintendent of Schools

406 Barrera St.
San Antonio, Texas 78210
210-554-2665 (phone)
210-472-1967 (fax)
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The Office of the Deputy Superintendent of Academics & School Leadership provides strategic direction and leadership to:

  • Academics
  • School Leadership
  • Special Education

The Deputy Superintendent of Academics & School Leadership oversees the collaborative efforts of the Assistant Superintendent for Academics, the Assistant Superintendents for School Leadership and the Senior Executive Director for Special Education to ensure that we:

  • Create dynamic learning experiences for all students that is differentiated and equips them with the academic, social and emotional capital they will need to succeed in college, career, and beyond
  • Build teacher and principal efficacy and agency through relevant, high quality professional learning experiences
  • Promote inclusion and support for all students through rigorous, nurturing learning environments and the support services that will enable all students to reach their full potential

Academics Department